Posted on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Hello from the very hot country of Chad. Over the past three weeks I
have been seeing, experiencing, and learning so much. I grew up
listening to African mission stories from my grandparents and my dad,
but I never imagined that I would actually be called to Africa. Now,
after nearly two and a half years of intensive training, my volunteer
ministry in Africa has begun. I am excited to be able to share with you
a few thoughts on my experience so far.

Short version
For the past three weeks, I've been working at the Adventist Medical
Aviation project in Chad, working with Gary and Wendy Roberts. Much of
my time so far has been spent on two projects: the hanger and staff
housing. Both projects are underway, but have a lot of work remaining.
Language learning (French) is another topic of learning
and study. I would like to learn the local dialect eventually, as well.
On Sabbaths, we go down to a village about 5 kilometers south of here
and have Sabbath School under a mango tree for the children there. We
are also in the initial stages of starting a nutrition center to help
with some of the severe malnutrition cases here.

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