The Search Continues

Quick Update on the search effort.

Celso is well again from his recent bout with malaria and is ready to return to the jungle to search. We are wanting him to return to the area called Infierno to see if he can get to the two grass landing strips there. We do not believe that these have been searched yet. If Bob was returning to Santa Elena that morning and had trouble with the plane, this would have been a possible place for him to attempt to land. Celso is also wanting to return to Zone D and we want him to go there. These two zones are the highest priority for the search effort and fit two of the strongest possible scenarios for actions Bob may have taken that morning.

The YouTube video news update about the search is being developed by Kristen Johnson and may end up being a two part production, each approximately 5 minutes long. As soon as they are posted on YouTube I will of course send out the link. Kristen's work is excellent and I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

We have continued to recieve donations through OCI and now have enough money to send Celso back out to search. We can not thank you enough for your continued support and prayers. The search could not go on without it. It seems that God provides just as it is needed with both financial support and with enough intel to take the next step forward in the search. I was talking with JD yesterday and said it doesn't feel like we are leading the search but rather that we are being led to continue to search... one step at a time...

May God bless...

Bob Edwards