June Trip Planned

By Bob Edwards

Just a quick update about our next trip to Venezuela to continue the search effort for Bob Norton and the others. We originally planned on leaving May 20th and staying for 5 days. As JD and I discussed the need to make the most of this next trip down we decided it would be better to delay until everyone's schedules could allow us to spend 9 to 10 days there. This would give us more time to work on the data collection for the search effort and help develop the strategy for next steps.

The new plan is to return to Venezuela the 2nd or 3rd week in June. We will be taking Jackie, a Venezuelan friend of mine that will help with communications and in coordinating the trip. We will also be taking Tim and Jamie de la Torre from the documentary team to film and continue the ongoing work of developing the documentary. We are working on building what we are calling a Regression Model with all the search intel available. This will help us research all possible scenarios of what may have happened. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Bob Edwards