Infierno Area Search Attempts

Search Update:

A few weeks ago, Celso attempted to take a team back into the jungle to continue the physical search for Bob, Neiba and the others. On the day that he was to leave he became ill and was unable to travel. His next attempt to return with a team will be after the 15th of January. They did investigate the runway area near Infierno on an earlier trip out and found no sign that Bob and the others were ever there.

Our physical search is still Zone D and Infierno since these are the areas with the strongest intel. We continue to follow up on any and every lead that comes along. Many have asked me if I believe that Bob and the others were taken hostage since there are rumors flying around that this may have happened. It is possible but all I can tell you is that we have no solid intel along these lines but we follow through on every lead that comes along. There simply is nothing solid to lead us further in this direction at this time.

It may seem hard to believe that they can not be found, but when you fly over these areas you realize that it literally is jungle as far as you can see in any direction. It helped me to understand better how a small plane could drop in and not be found, even after 10 months.

The plan is to take a small team down in February (the one year anniversary) to meet with Celso and the others helping with the search effort. We will work on the search strategy moving forward and discuss first hand all the information we now have. We will also talk with any of the available newer witnesses that have come out and talked about Infierno or other scenarios.

Kristen Johnson will have the Youtube video update completed soon and we will post it and send the link out. Tim de la Torre continues to work on the documentary and recently had the folks from GMI film a long interview with me to answer questions that Tim has for the film.

We have a resource that is working on some advanced satellite capabilities to help investigate our two primary search zones and I will send out an update if they are successful in producing any valid Points of Interest (POIs). In the mean time, I thank everyone who continues to support this effort and for the words of encouragement and prayers offered on behalf of the search team.

... and so we press ahead ...

Bob Edwards