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Posted by: trudilaflair on Monday, July 21st, 2008

wd-mugsWendy: It's great being back "home" in the mountains and having a wonderful husband to share things with now! As soon as we got here, Dwayne went to work right away on our hut and within a couple days he had a place for our bed (so we wouldn't have to put it up every morning and make it again every night).

He also put in new shelving to make our kitchen more organized and he got my first real oven in the mountains all set up! (I enjoy cooking a lot more these days!) He's also fixed my refrigerator and planted a garden and done a zillion other projects around the house.

It is so nice to be able to sit together in church now and eat meals together (and live in the same house) and visit people together etc! I do miss being able to hold hands or show much affection in public, but God is good and He keeps providing for our needs. (See below for our new place for retreat in the lowlands!)

Dwayne had to go to Manila to get registrations renewed, etc., for the helicopter and his pilot's license and ended up being delayed almost 2 weeks. So, since it's been really quiet in the clinic lately, I asked David and the Georges if they'd mind if I went out to Brooke's Point for a couple days to meet Dwayne when he got back. They said, no problem so we had the opportunity to enjoy our new little place down there and take care of some business and get supplies at the same time.

Prayer Requests/Updates/Needs and Thanks

img_7982New Truck!

Praise God for leading us to a solid, dependable Toyota pickup! Dwayne found it last week while he was in Manila. This was a big, but very necessary expenditure of $10,000. We plan to bring it to Palawan on a ferry next month.

Helicopter Repairs

We've had some unexpected helicopter repair costs this spring (rotor blade reconditioning and replacement bearings for the rotor hubs) and there was a need for track and balance equipment to get the helicopter to safe flying condition again. Pray that God will provide for these extra costs which totaled about $16,000. We hope to have the helicopter flying again next week.

Lowland Base

Continue to pray that God will lead us to, and provide for, land where we can build a hangar and housing because of the growing need for a base in the lowlands. We don't know yet how much the land will cost, but building estimates are roughly $70,000 for the hangar and house.

Tod and Laura Return

We're sad to report that Tod and Laura moved back to the States soon after our return to the Philippines. We miss them and their front line support, but their Stateside support has already been and will continue to be a great blessing for this project. Tod continues to act as Project Coordinator of PAMAS (Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services) while Dwayne continues to be the Field Director.

We have also already made use of the little furnished apartment they left behind in Brooke's Point for us. What a huge blessing to have a ready made apartment in the lowlands where we can leave things, as well as a private place to retreat or stay when coming and going from the mountains and Manila! (This is just a rented, temporary apartment and has no place for a hangar and tools etc. but is still a great blessing). Praise God for providing for our needs.

img_0452Clinic building and needs

Praise God for providing funds for the completion of the new clinic! Much of the work is done and now plans are being drawn up for cupboards, cabinets, drawers etc.

Though Wendy is not technically under AFM anymore, she continues to run the clinic full time while she's still in the mountains, and helps however she can. Due to several recent expensive, but life saving surgeries (in the lowlands at the government hospital--for some of our Palawano people), the clinic fund is in great need.

img_4881_2The Georges have been unable to purchase medications for several months now and supplies are getting really low. $10,000 would be a great start to getting basic medications restocked. Again, this is not part of our helicopter (PAMAS) project, but this is the main project we are serving and we just want to let you know its needs as well. For more information contact Leonda George at: leonda {at} george(.)net or Kent George at: kent {at} george(.)net.


Watching the world events unfold before us, we know time is short. God is calling each one of us to prepare first ourselves, and then those around us for the time of trouble that is rapidly approaching. May we each listen and submit to God's call.

We praise God for continuing to faithfully provide for this project. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Sincerely, Wendy and Dwayne

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