Dwayne Harris is a helicopter and fixed-wing pilot and mechanic from Montana. He pioneered the PAMAS ministry when he stepped out in faith in February 2007 and shipped a donated Helicopter to the Philippines. God has provided each month with miracles as the ministry has grown and expanded. He met Wendy Guptill, missionary nurse in Palawan, Philippines and they joined their lives and ministries in April 2008. Dwayne and Wendy oversee all the areas of PAMAS as they work to establish airbases throughout the country.

Knapp family new

Sean and Pris Knapp also come from the U.S. Sean is a pilot from Washington and Pris is a trained medical missionary originally from Bataan, Philippines. They joined PAMAS in January 2013 and then God blessed them with two beautiful children, Seth and Summer! They direct the Palawan project which includes overseeing 15 plus missionaries with their families, several church plants, two small mountain schools, as well as a busy aviation program.


Daniel Lui came as our second helicopter and fixed-wing pilot for Palawan in April 2015. He is also a mechanic and his many practical skills are a big asset to the mission field. His commitment to service and his love for God is evident in all he does. He comes from northern California.

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Luzon Team

Palawan Team everyone
Palawan Team

Two new pilots join the team!

Two new pilots joined the team in March, 2017 -- Ray and Phoebe Sikich-- Pilot and Nurse from the U.S. (2nd couple from the left), and Carlos Gonzalez-- helicopter pilot from Panama. (Far right)

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