Reaching Lives, Delivering Hope by Creeytv

Full length video (featuring Palawan) how God has been faithful in supporting the work of PAMAS that has grown and expanded throughout the country. Be inspired to work by faith and hear testimonies that change people's lives.


Reaching Lives, Delivering Hope (Short Version)


News Documentary: Davin Bennett (North Luzon Project) by Assignment Asia

For Filipinos living in remote areas, one pilot’s air evacuation services have become a lifeline, after COVID-19 travel restrictions made these areas even more isolated.

Jungle Love Story by Tim de la Torre
PAMAS beginnings: A pilot and nurse join their lives and skills in service, using a helicopter as a powerful tool for God's ministry to reach a jungle tribe in the Philippines


PAMAS Luzon Project (with Ray and Phoebe Sikich) by Victor Adonis


Palawan Mission Highlights by Jasper Ivan Iturriaga

3 Minute video from a visitor's perspective, giving an overview of the PAMAS work


PAMAS with Wendy Harris by Iventure


Yolanda/Haiyan Storm 3-minute video by HCBN
Immediately after super typhoon Yolanda hit central Philippines, PAMAS pilots flew both airplanes to the area and began doing surveys and helping transport relief supplies.

In God's Hands—A Miracle Story by Andriy Mershalov and Eric Hullquist
Missionary Pilot, Dwayne Harris, while helping neighbors being robbed in broad daylight, gets shot twice and narrowly survives. Through the prayers of many friends, family and fellow believers, a potentially traumatic event becomes a miraculous story of God's grace and the power of prayer.

Ukrainian Pioneers by Allison Hanaway Payne
The story of a courageous Ukrainian family who gave up their comfortable life in the Ukraine to follow God and become the first Ukrainian missionaries in the Philippines.

7 minute Helicopter Story Long term AFM missionary, Kent George shares a touching story of rescuing a family of sick children in a remote jungle mountain, carrying some on his own back until help could arrive with the mission helicopter.

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