Q. Why use helicopters?
A. The Philippines is full of mountainous terrain where many native people groups are isolated from the rest of the world. They are in need of medical help, education, and the good news of Jesus Christ. Many areas are so steep and rugged that it is impossible to land an airplane or even enter with trucks or motorcycles. There is a huge and unique need here for helicopters to help speed the gospel message to the world.

Q. Helicopters are expensive. How is this funded?
A. We feel that God is ready, willing, and able to make our efforts for Him successful if we trust Him.  PAMAS is a faith-based organization funded entirely through donations. God has faithfully provided month by month for the needs of this project as we have stepped out in faith and been willing to sacrifice for Him.

Q. Why not just use Airplanes?
A. Airplanes are also very useful for faster and farther travel and we currently use four of them. But airplanes are limited to established runways or flat areas where a runway could be placed. There are very few possibilities for airstrips in the mountainous areas where many of the greatest needs are for air-support.

Q. Do you need more helicopters?
A. We have only one helicopter, based in southern Palawan. There is a desperate need for helicopters for both Luzon and Mindanao as well. Everything is set up and ready to immediately start using them when they become available. We continue to pray and believe that God will provide just like He did for the other helicopter and airplanes.

Q. How did PAMAS begin?
A. Dwayne Harris, a volunteer pilot/mechanic who brought a small, donated helicopter to the Philippines in 2007 was inspired by David Gates (with Gospel Ministries International) to start the ministry. A year later, he married Wendy Harris, a missionary nurse in Palawan and they have been developing the PAMAS mission ever since. Andriy Mershalov a pilot from the Ukraine came with his family to help fly in August 2009. The ministry continues to grow and expand with more missionaries and airbases. We currently cover three main areas of the Philippines: Palawan, Luzon, and Mindanao.

Q. How do the missionaries support themselves?
A. All PAMAS missionaries serve gladly as volunteers. They receive no salary, and their basic needs are supported through donations. They are happy to sacrifice in a small way for their Lord who gave all for them to have eternal life and a hope for the future.

Q. How many pilots and missionaries do you have?
A. We have 5 total pilots: 3 helicopter pilots (2 of which are also airplane pilots) and 2 other airplane pilots. We have around 10 missionary families and 10 singles. These include local Bible workers, and missionaries from other parts of the Philippines and around the world.

Q. How can I be a volunteer with PAMAS?
A. The best way is to fill out an application with GMI and also contact us directly telling us your interest. Your application will be forwarded to other GMI projects so even if your skills are not needed with PAMAS at the time, there may be other opportunities for you elsewhere. You can access the application form through this website on the VOLUNTEER tab,  or go directly to the GMI Volunteers Site:  www.gmivolunteers.org

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