Dear Team

Posted by: on Monday, October 18th, 2010

(We sent this out to our missionaries in Palawan. Maybe others will enjoy it too)

Dear Team,

As part of this PAMAS team we thought you might be encouraged to hear some of the amazing things God is doing with this 2nd project. Many of you have heard little bits here and there, but let us share with all of you some of the miracles taking place here in Northern Luzon. As you know we have been praying about this 2nd project for a while now. We have planned to expand here to Luzon (and all over the Philippines) from day one of starting this PAMAS ministry around 3 ½ years ago. So, we have been asking God to prepare the way for this 2nd project all along. We fully expected God to answer these prayers for His work as He has miraculously done all along, so we are not surprised at what He has done, but we are overwhelmed with praise to Him who is showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is leading!

Dwayne on the way to land prospect

First of all, God has already provided (on arrival) a spacious, mostly furnished, and well located house for us to stay in, rent-free, for as long as we need it! Did you catch all that? It even has a large garage which Dwayne and Dan have been keeping busy in every day! God has thought of everything. This is a true miracle, one that makes me smile every day! We fully expected to pay some kind of rent, but as you know we didn’t have the funds this month (and had no promise for future months) so we trusted God to provide—and He did—beyond our expectations!

Secondly, God seems to have directed us to this particular area to base (time will tell, though). We had heard the Cagayan Valley Adventist Hospital was friendly and mission minded, but we were not prepared for the reality and extent of this. The Hospital staff and local church members here have given us a very warm reception and we see that they are sincerely active in ministry and mission work. (This week I’ve been enjoying helping with a smoking cessation seminar and getting to know all the friendly staff!) They are regularly doing medical missions to the surrounding mountain areas and villages and they are excited about the prospects of our air support to make these efforts even more effective. We can see the great benefit of being near this area so we can work together even more effectively with these active members and also we see the benefit of being close to a Hospital where we can bring more serious patients and assist them as necessary. The potential here is huge of what can be done with a helicopter and airplane to reach out farther and deeper to the unreached people.

Land prospect-right behind this Adventist Church

To top off all of these miracles, by the first day of our arrival we already had several land prospects of where we could build a base (hangar/housing/airstrip) for this project, one of which was and is a very serious potential! (It is located in a rural setting, 25 mins south of here, adjacent to a 7th day Adventist church!) There is no doubt God is leading in this! He seems to be working more quickly than ever to move things along for His work to be accomplished.

We hope this encourages you and reminds you how this is God’s project and we are very privileged to be a part of it! We also hope it helps you see how your individual part is very important in this project. Without you we could not be here starting this next project.

Keep up your great work, Team! Thanks for all your dedicated and faithful help and prayers.

Dwayne and Dan making a hollow black maker

Some things need replacing (in the "new" house)

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