Summer News

Posted by: wrguptill on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

We have had a great few weeks visiting family and friends, going to Eric and Katie's wedding, Campeeting, Yellowstone, G.C. and GMI retreat. We have been spiritually blessed as well as socially and physically (with great weather and beautiful sights). Later this week we will go camping in Glacier National Park, which we're really looking forward to.

It has been so refreshing to be here and it will be sad to go back next week, but we are also looking forward to the exciting things God has planned for us in the next few months. In September we are looking forward to Dr. Norbert's medical team coming again to help us in Palawan. We also have 5 new missionaries joining us in the next couple months and of course a new project to get on the way!

Many of you have been anxious to hear how things are going with a second helicopter and we finally have some news to share. Soon after we got to the States, Dwayne talked with the owner of the MD500 in New Zealand (that we still have a small down payment on). We prayed that God would close the doors or show us His will and so we continue to be content as the doors have stayed open even as the deadlines passed without sufficient funds. The owner decided to put it back on the market but he has been sympathetic and seems to still really want things to work out for us, because he said he would still honor our down payment if we came up with the rest of the money before someone else bought it.

Another exciting opportunity has opened up for us lately. Dwayne has been talking with some friends who are in the helicopter business and has been sharing with them what God has done for this project. To our surprise they offered us their R44 for a minimal amount!  They are just asking from us the amount they will need to put a down payment on a replacement helicopter.  We praise God for this huge answer to prayer and we pray that you will join us in prayer about this opportunity. Ideally we could use this helicopter right away, but we trust God will bring it in His perfect timing.

While Dwayne was discussing details with them the other day, they also gave us some great news that soared our spirits. They have decided to help us purchase a new vehicle for our Luzon project! This will help us out greatly, since we need a vehicle before we can do anything else. God is so good and he knows just what we need and when we need it.

Another quick update on the Cessna 180 airplane we've been planning to purchase from another mission agency in the Philippines: We recently received an email from them stating that they no longer wish to sell it to us . . . so we are back to square one on that. We will be looking for another fixed-wing airplane to purchase for inter-island travel and between our two projects.

Thanks so much for keeping all this in your prayers. We hope you are encouraged in your faith as we have been the last few months as we see God answer prayers.
It was great seeing many of you this summer. Wish it could have been longer!

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