God’s Perfect Timing

Posted by: wrguptill on Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Our new vehicle!

Just a quick note to let you share in our joy of God's goodness. He has provided a new vehicle for our Luzon project already! We cannot be more thankful for God's perfect timing.

We have had a relaxing time here at AIIAS with my parents. We have had a full house with various missionaries and visitors recently--Danny (just finishing flight training) , Michel and Andrew (on his way to the States for a few weeks), Sheryl (visiting from Nursing school in Manila), and Dwayne's friend, Dan, who has come to help us with his helicopter/mechanic skills for awhile.

Tomorrow we head to Palawan with a couple new Filipino medical missionaries that will be ministering to the people in our area. We will be orienting them along with a couple other Student Missionaries from the states that will also join the team in a couple weeks. We will also be hosting another medical team from the states in a couple weeks. We are keeping busy for sure! As soon as we get back here we will go up north to scout out a place for our next project.

Family with Michel

Dwayne, Wendy, and Dan

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