A Sad Story

Posted by: wrguptill on Thursday, August 26th, 2010

We had another sad (though common) story that happenedĀ  yesterday. A very sick baby (2 1/2 year old) arrived at the clinic in kamantian the day before yesterday and they called us for heli assistance. We flew her immediately to the hospital and she was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, severe dehydration, and severe malnutrition (no doubt Malaria as well). She looked so pitiful with her limp but flailing body and heaving chest. I prayed with them before I left, fearing she may not make it 'til morning. She died that night in the hospital ;( We flew the baby and family back into the mountains yesterday to bury their dead and grieve.

The whole family had been sick and were not able to bring the baby right away. No doubt they also did not realize how serious she was. They finally stumbled down to the clinic after two weeks of being sick and that's when the dad and 9 year old son and baby were flown out to the hospital (the mom was too sick to go).

After a night in the morgue with the baby, the dad was amazingly calm and acknowledged God for His omniscience even through tragedy. As we waited for some dark clouds to pass so they could fly back in, I spent time talking with him. He thanked God and us for our help all through the years (they are frequent patrons to the clinic). They are not Christians but they have heard many things from the missionaries throughout the years. While we waited, the missionaries in Kamantian prepared a grave and broke the news gently to the mom, who didn't take it well. They prayed with her and tried to prepare her for the soon arrival of her dead baby. Sadly, when they arrived the mother went crazy (mentally). Please pray for them. They have 5 children left that need their mom. Please also pray as we try to educate the people here and teach them a Better Way.

On a brighter note, I will share with you a text message we received last Sabbath morning after making several medicine and food/supply runs to the missionaries scattered throughout the mountains the day before. The text is from Brian Glass, a brave missionary nurse working alone in the jungle a few hours hike from Kamantian:

"Thank you so much for the flights that were made yesterday and the medicine that was sent. The flights enabled 9 people to get the medicines that they needed for their Malaria yesterday. Alternatively they could have waited more than a week for the medicine to be carried in to Kamantian and then over to Emrang. Thank you very much and please let your supporters know what a blessing the helicopter is. Have a Happy Sabbath! Brian"

This warmed our hearts and we hope it will yours too, as you see a little of what your prayers and support are doing.

Brian and other nurses at Kamantian Clinic

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