Still Small Voice

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By: Roy Reyes

The voice of the Lord is mighty; the voice of the Lord is majestic

Psams 29:4

“ I do not usually go to health centers or medical missions, but I had a difficult condition in my 8 mos. pregnancy, I usually just go to my mother which is very known as a traditional healer in our village. But suddenly a change happened when a group of medical missionaries arrived (P.A.M.A.S.) ; a still small voice was ringing in my ears and was pushing me to go, immediately I got up out of my bed and went”.

This was a testimony of Norvena, a native Palawano Muslim. It was late in the afternoon when Norvena arrived in our medical mission. As soon as she entered in the room she almost fainted, her blood pressure dropped to 70/60 and she looked very pale. We immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital. They put oxygen on her because of difficulty of breathing. Her blood was checked and the hemoglobin dropped to 40 mmol. which was very low (normal range 120-160 mmol.). Immediately the doctor ordered  2  units of blood to be transfused. But there was no compatible blood for her, so the doctor talked to her husband for her to be transferred to Puerto Princesa hospital (4 hrs. from Brooks Point). Her husband didn’t want to go, because they don’t have money. But Praise God for His providence, the hospital provided for free ambulance conduction and endorsed the rest of the responsibilities to PAMAS.

In the hospital, 2 units of blood were immediately transfused (and later 3 more), and when she was in stable condition, they did an ultrasound and found out that Norvena had twins inside her womb. The babies were also distressed so the Doctor ordered an operation (Cesarean section);  They put IV’s to the babies and gave antibiotics because of Sepsis (infection in the blood). After 2 weeks Norvena and her twins were discharged in the hospital. The fear of Norvena’s husband was answered by God with the help of PCSO (Phil. Charity Sweepstakes office) who took care of most of the costs! Bring back glory to God, 3 lives were saved, and the whole family are rejoicing and praising God. Jehova Jireh…God provides!"

Roy (author of story above)--suturing wound

Wendy asseses Norvena on arrival to our medical mission

Baby Samantha and Allison

Here are a few pictures of the medical mission that Norvena came to, and the 2 week meetings we held jointly for this special group of people in Palawan. It was an amazing, extremely busy, but so awesome two weeks! Satan tried in several ways to intervene, but we increased our prayer sessions and we were amazed at what God did! It was the best team work we've experienced with our team yet! (We are so thankful to the visiting team also!--from the States . And the speaker, and the Brennan family (with AWA) who made this effort possible!)

One attendee said "I have been unhappy and had questions for so long now. This is the first time in my life that my questions are being answered!" She requested Bible studies after the meetings.

After one presentation, another attendee said thoughtfully, "Now I see that Jesus is really God!". . . . She attended every night and helped with the medical missions too! She is currently studying the Bible with our missionaries.

Praise God for what He is doing around the world to reach these special people who don't yet know the truth about Jesus!

Wendy and Dwayne Harris

P.S. Norvena and babies are being cared for by our missionaries with regular home visits. Watch for more pictures and videos with her story and the twins! (who, by the way, were named after our dear SM's--Allison and Samantha! Speaking of which, they (Sam and Al) are on their way back to the U.S. now! :( But praise God they have caught the mission bug and we plan to see them back again soon! What a HUGE blessing they have been to us this year!! THANK YOU, SAM AND AL!

Our team, after an exciting, exhausting, and blessed week of Medical Missions & Meetings!

Caring Doctors--always smiling!

Special couseling, education and prayer booth

Nightly 2 weeks kids program--in conjunction with the meetings

Busy Pharmacists

Sam and Al--bye bye!!

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