Hungry People

Posted by: wrguptill on Thursday, October 6th, 2011

We just finished another whirlwind of a month starting with a couple trips up to Pagudpud (in the north) to help finish a couple churches for a friend and then pouring the cement pad for the hangar while getting ready for another group that arrived Sept. 1. We just came back from leading them on a trip for 10 days doing medical missions up in the mountain provinces. We had as many as 22 volunteers at one point of the trip! What a job, but what a blessing, as usual!

The Team
God provided a great group of volunteers once again for this big endeavor. Dr. Norbert's group from the States came with some regulars: David, an experienced nurse from Loma Linda, and Dr. Ray, 83 year old OB/GYN, and Howard, a healthy 81 year old! We also appreciated the help again of Gigi and Mariss who pulled over 100 teeth at each site and Dr. Peachy from Manila who blessed us again with her help and sweet smile! We also enjoyed having two girls from Sweden who came to volunteer for a few months. Danny Henson, our missionary overseeing the project in Palawan, also came to help, along with many invaluable L.I.G.H.T. missionaries (Medical Missionaries) including our own dear Briane and Joy Lupkey, Joe Burce, Ciprian (we nick named him "Chip" :) (from Romania/Germany), and many others! We appreciate them all very much!

Hungry people
We were amazed once again at how open the people are in these areas to not only health education but the Good News of the Gospel! They are hungry and waiting for someone to come in practically every town or village in this country! What an opportunity! If only we could reach all these hungry people. Our compassionate missionaries were able to talk and pray with every patient once again, and give them literature before seeing the doctor.

Faith Camp WVA
After a nice weekend at AIIAS with my parents, we went straight to Iloilo (another island) for another blessed time at Faith Camp at West Visayan Academy. We led a break-out session in the afternoons for those interested in medical-aviation and also told several testimonies throughout the 3 days of the campmeeting. We had fun camping this time, even through the torrential rains, which made for quite a commotion in the night and some good memories :)

Here is Dwayne's update on the airbase and stories of how God has been providing for it:

Things have been busy since the last time we wrote.  We
have been making progress on our airbase in Quirino, Luzon.  We have completed
our water system which comes from a spring about 1 kilometer away that
is at a higher elevation than where our hanger is at so we have a nice
gravity fed flow of water.  We ran about 1600 meters of pipe and
buried it about a foot deep.  We started digging the trench for the
pipe by hand and it quickly became apparent it would take well over a
month to bury it if we continued by hand so I went in search of a mini
excavator.  I located one through a friend from the Adventist Hospital
and the owner said he would give us a good deal.  They sent an
operator with it but he worked for two days and his boss said he
wanted him back at another project so I asked him if I could run the
excavator and he consented.  It took about a week to bury the pipe all
the way to the hanger.  When I went to pay the bill for the excavator
they only charged us for the time their operator ran it which was
about half the time I ran it, we thanked God for that.
We started pouring the concrete pad for the hanger once we finished
the water system.  We spent about 8 days pouring concrete and finished
it the day before Dr. Norbert's medical team arrived.  Everyday we
started at 5am and prayed for cloudy weather.  We praise God because
every day we poured cement the sky remained cloudy with a breeze
blowing and it never rained more than a sprinkle.

That's it for now! Please continue to pray for a new helicopter and new blades for our helicopter in Palawan.  Enjoy the latest video made by our helicopter pilot, Andriy. The Palawan and Luzon teams continue to reach out, with God's help, to remote villages, even without the air support at this moment. Thank you for your important part in this mission through your prayers and support.
Jesus is coming soon!

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